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Have a heart, save a life today


Today was a great day! CHF Ghana paid for heart surgeries for 3 more families today. Thanks to our sponsors and donors who helped make today possible

Last year (2014) was a difficult year for the Children’s Heart Foundation Ghana, because
as the Cedi weakened against most major currencies, it meant the actual cost of each
surgery increased. For example, a surgery that previously cost GHS14,000.00 now costed
GHS25,000.00! This makes us appreciate our sponsors even more as they maintained their
financial commitment to their Corporate Social Responsibilities to charities such as CHF.
Despite all the challenges, we are very pleased to say we still managed to pay for the surgeries
of 10 children in 2014 and 3 more in the first quarter of 2015!

We are truly thankful to all the sponsors and donors that dug deep to help us save the
lives of 13 young Ghanaian Children who needed open heart surgery this past year. The
parents and children who benefited from your generosity will be eternally grateful to you
our sponsors, donors and supporters.

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